CD “Songs of Exiles”

CD "Songs of Exiles"

For centuries Jews and Gypsies were exiles, wandering from country to country in search of a safe place to live. Their music – wistful, invigorating, and diverse – still reflects both the difficulties they surmounted, and the various musical styles they picked up in their ramblings. This is why I called this CD “Songs of Exiles”, even if a couple of Jewish songs came from a contemporary Israeli composer. Other Jewish pieces are traditional Yiddish songs and Klezmer dances, while the Gypsy part of this CD draws from the Hungarian violin, Spanish guitar, and Russian vocal traditions.

 “Songs of Exiles” is mostly a collection of my own piano arrangements. The exceptions are “Czardas” by Vittorio Monti and “Dark Eyes Waltz” by Feodor Herman, where I followed the original compositions, adding only a bit of flourish here and there; and “Asturias” (Flamenco-style Spanish piece by Isaac Albeniz, imitating the Gypsy guitar), where the only change was textural, to make it sound even more guitar-like. All other songs were treated freely; so free, in fact, that they might rather be called fantasies.

The music on CD “Songs of Exiles” comes from two concerts with the same name – my most recent addition to the series “Tales from the Keyboard”. Almost every piece has a story – here I’ll offer just the tidbits. For full versions, wait until you’ll hear me at my concert...

To read a story about each piece, click on its name below. To buy the CD “Songs of Exiles” or to download separate tracks (as well as other CDs and digital downloads), click on one of the icons at the bottom of the page.

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Tracks from "Songs of Exiles":


Mazl Tov (“Congratulations!”)

Papirosen (“Cigarettes”)

Sasha’s Stomp

Being Captivated by You (Israeli song “Lalekhet Shevi Ahareich”)

Hava Nagila (“Let us Rejoice”)

Just after Midnight  (Israeli song “Kvar Aharei Hatzot”)

Two Guitars (Russian song “Dve Gitari”)


Coachman, Don’t Rush the Horses (Russian song “Yamshik, ne Goni Loshadei”)

Songs My Mother Taught Me

On the Long Road (Russian song “Dorogoi Dlinnoyu”)


Fourth Hungarian Dance

Dark Eyes Waltz (Russian song “Ochi Chernie”)

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