Sasha’s Stomp

Sasha’s Stomp by Alexander Zlatkovski

“Sasha’s Stomp” is my own piece, composed in the Klezmer idiom. Didn’t make history (yet), hence no stories. 

Well... Actually, on the concert program I tell a story about Klezmer revival in USA in 1970-s, and about weird details of composing this particular piece. But since it is a personal story, I'd rather recount it also personally, i.e. during the concert! See you there...

* * *

This story is just a tidbit from Alexander's "Songs of Exiles" concert program. To hear the full story, together with Alexander's virtuoso performance, come see him at his next concert! To buy this track, or the full CD of the music from "Songs of Exiles", follow the link on the left.  

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