Being Captivated by You

Being Captivated by You (Israeli song “Lalekhet Shevi Ahareich”) by Nurit Hirsch.

Between living in Russia and the United States, I spent six years in Israel. Since that time, Israeli songs have been my favorite. There are literally hundreds of wonderful songs, both old and new.

One of the most melodious – and most prolific – contemporary Israeli composers is Nurit Hirsh, author of such international Jewish hits as “Be Shana Habaa” (“Next Year”) and “Oseh Shalom” (a prayer for Peace), and over a thousand more tunes! Her song “Being Captivated by You” is a song of love for Israel – “the land of milk, bitter herbs and honey, a land dreadful and beautiful at the same time”. The refrain says it all:

Being captivated by you,

Breathing your burning sun,

Dreaming under your sky,

Aching for you, and falling in love again.

Those are the exact feelings I have toward this little heroic country, so it is no surprise that some nostalgia crept into my arrangement of this song...

* * *

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