Just after Midnight

Just after Midnight (Israeli song “Kvar Aharei Hatzot”) by Nurit Hirsch

Another delightful melody by Nurit Hirsch. This song is also about love: not love for the homeland, but just love...

It is a little past midnight; but while the moon and the stars are still bright, give another moment to lovers.

Before the morning will come, before the Sun will rise - give another moment to lovers.

Before the milk and newspaper are delivered - give another moment to lovers.

Tomorrow will be a new day, and everything that might come with a new day. But for now - give another moment to lovers...

* * *

This story is just a tidbit from Alexander's "Songs of Exiles" concert program. To hear the full story, together with Alexander's virtuoso performance, come see him at his next concert! To buy this track, or the full CD of the music from "Songs of Exiles", follow the link on the left.  

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