Songs My Mother Taught Me

Songs My Mother Taught Me by Antonin Dvorak

This most popular song of Antonin Dvorak came from his “Gypsy Songs” cycle. It seems that the name of the cycle is the only Gypsy link here: Dvorak used Czech folk tunes for this cycle, and this style had very little to do with Gypsies. But this melody is one of my favorites, so I used the lame excuse – merely the name – to include it in the “Songs of Exiles” concert program, as well as on this CD.

The song has two verses. First I play them as composed by Dvorak: with a simple and beautiful accompaniment; then I make it a bit more “Gypsy-like”, playing in a freer style.

* * *

This story is just a tidbit from Alexander's "Songs of Exiles" concert program. To hear the full story, together with Alexander's virtuoso performance, come see him at his next concert! To buy this track, or the full CD of the music from "Songs of Exiles", follow the link on the left.  

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